Astrophilia Initiative - Strategies for Encouraging and Maintaining STEM & STEAM Involvement & Participation

Newton’s first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. This tendency to resist changes in a state of motion is inertia. If all the external forces cancel each other out, then there is no net force acting on the object.  If there is no net force acting on the object, then the object will maintain a constant velocity.

Newton’s First Law of Motion applies to how we invite, encourage and maintain interest and involvement regarding our Astrophilia initiative. Social media and networking has allowed us to attract attention, pique curiosity, and obtain commitment but transforming that commitment into ongoing active participation requires several strategies to allow the initiative to become a successful and expanding endeavor.

Several examples of our Astrophilia strategies include:

  1. Establishing a collaboration with an educational institution which has the capacity to host periodic in-person and virtual STEM and STEAM events (schools, community organizations, science centers, etc.
  2. Ensuring that sufficient technological options are available for the purposes of streaming, recording, etc.)
  3. Setting up a designated email account to handle communications specifically for the Astrophilia educational initiative
  4. Organizing Watch Parties that consist of hands-on activities and educational presentations that are facilitated by experts in the field of Space-related topics
  5. Incorporating already in-progress STEM and STEAM projects that are being conducted by attending participants arouses curiosity and interest as well as avoiding “re-inventing the wheel” in a continuing search for relevant Astrophilia program topics
  6. Encouraging community partnerships and involvement with PTOs and local organizations has resulted in our Astrophilia initiative gathering and maintaining its momentum